German and Swedish research organizations have conducted a joint study on Electric Road Systems (ERS) with the aim of

  • Providing an assessment of different ERS concepts.
  • Assessing ERS markets, business models and financing strategies.
  • Researching requirements for international ERS interoperability.
  • Investigating the impact of ERS on the energy system and the environment.
  • Recommending necessary policy actions to spur ERS introduction.
  • Identifying a suitable ERS freight corridor between Sweden and Germany.

The project commenced in January 2018 and was concluded during the spring of 2020. The results are published as reports below and have also been presented at international conferences.


Overview of ERS concepts and complementary technologies
by Martin G. H. Gustavsson, RISE; Florian Hacker, Öko-Institut; and Hinrich Helms, ifeu.

NEW: Real-world experiences of ERS: Best practices from demonstration projects in Sweden and Germany
by Martin G. H. Gustavsson, RISE; Magnus Lindgren, Trafikverket; Hinrich Helms, ifeu; and Motitz Mottschall, Öko-Institut.

NEW: Business models, Ownership, and Financing Strategies: Implications of an introduction of electric road systems on markets and possible business models
by Tobias Bernecker and Jonas Speiser, Heilbronn University; Mats Engwall, KTH; Björn Hasselgren, Trafikverket; Hinrich Helms, ifeu; and Fredrik Widegren, WSP.

NEW: National and EU freight transport strategies: Status quo and perspectives and implications for the introduction of electric road systems (ERS)
by Florian Hacker and Motitz Mottschall, Öko-Institut; and Julius Jöhrens, Hinrich Helms, Jan Kräck and Julius Rücker, ifeu.

NEW: Standardisation of Electric Road Systems: Report from workshop at FIRM19
by Philip Almestrand Linné, VTI.

NEW: Electricity supply to electric road systems: Impacts on the energy system and environment
by Filip Johnsson, Maria Taljegård and Johanna Olofsson, Chalmers University of Technology; and Michael von Bonin and Norman Gerhardt, Fraunhofer IEE.

Collaboration parties

The Swedish-German Research Collaboration on Electric Road Systems, “CollERS”, consists of the core members from the Swedish Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads and the two national German research projects Roadmap OH-Lkw and StratON:

German research partners

Swedish research partners

Funding agencies