5th Electric Road Systems Conference

A date for the next ERS Conference is not decided due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Electric Roads Community,

We hereby regret to inform you that the 5th ERS conference is postponed. This difficult decision was taken due to the ongoing pandemic and we are now hoping for a physical meeting as soon as we have a safe situation.

Please stay updated by visiting our website www.electricroads.org for the latest information and eventual upcoming events.

The ERSC Organizing Committee would still like for all of us to stay in contact, hence, if you have any upcoming events or other information regarding electric roads, that you want to inform the rest of us of, please contact info@electricroads.org or lina.nordin@vti.se. We will try to find a suitable way to spread the information, either on the website or in terms of a newsletter to the rest of the community.

Until we can meet again, please stay healthy and take care of each other.

Kind regards,

The ERSC Organizing Committee