Electric Road Systems Architecture

The basic technologies for power transfer from the road to vehicles in motion have been developed through various research projects across the globe, largely supported by public funding. Electric road systems (ERS) are now being tested on public roads and will hopefully evolve into a largescale commercial system. While ERS has gained recognition as a technological solution, few studies address the necessary system from a holistic perspective. This work addresses the gap by presenting a first novel architecture of a complete ERS. When the architecture gains acceptance it can be used to identify critical interfaces which needs to be standardized and thereby improve interoperability. The architecture is also critical in order to define analyse a business ecosystem and to avoid misunderstandings when discussing ERS across borders.

A first novel architecture was created in the modelling software MagicDraw and the full model can be found here and is free to use (rename file extension from .pdf to .mdzip)

A presentation of many of the views can be found here.