Real-World Experience

Demonstration projects currently under way will test ERS on public roads and in real-life environments, addressing various legal, political, economic, and efficiency aspects of ERS. Public road tests would provide decision makers and investors with a foundation for further investments that would bring ERS to commercial operation. At the time of writing, there are two ongoing demonstrations on public roads in Sweden, one demonstration on a public road in the USA has been finalized, and the German federal government funds the construction of three future demonstrations on public roads, which will be successively put into operation from 2019 onwards. In addition, the Swedish Transport Administration has issued a pre-commercial procurement in order to gain knowledge from additional demonstrations on public roads.

The following table gives a summary of ongoing and planned activities on public roads:

NameLocationSolutionStart of vehicle operationEnd
E16 Electric RoadE16 in Region Gävleborg, SwedenOverhead lines20162020
SCAQMDLos Angeles County, USARail20172017
eRoadArlandaArlanda Airport, SwedenRail20182021
ELISAA 5, GermanyOverhead lines20192022
FESHA 1, GermanyOverhead lines20202022
EVolution RoadLund, SwedenRail20202022*
Smartroad GotlandVisby, SwedenWireless20202022*
eWayBWB 462, GermanyOverhead lines20212024*

* Estimated end year.