ERS Conference 2019: Scientific Sessions

Interaction with energy system

Staub (Technische Universität Dresden): Combined simulation of electric road traffic and power supply system of eHighway tracks — Abstract & Presentation

Lehmann (Fachhochschule Erfurt): Electric grid integration of a large scale overhead contact line ERS for truck applications — Abstract & Presentation

Olovsson (Chalmers University): The Impact of ERS on the electricity system – an energy system model comparison for Sweden and Germany — Abstract & Presentation

Stakeholder / Acceptance

Gustavsson (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden): Socioeconomic Analysis of Electric Road Systems — Abstract & Presentation

Jöhrens (ifeu – Institut for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg): Requirements regarding supply and funding regimes for the introduction of ERS — Abstract & Presentation

Scherrer (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI): Social acceptance of catenary hybrid trucks in Germany – first results from the accompanying research of eWayBW — Abstract & Presentation

Status of test tracks (planning / implementation)

Lehmann-Matthaei (Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel): Planning, approval, construction and commissioning of the e highway route on the BAB 1 in Schleswig-Holstein — Abstract & Presentation

Ezer (Electreon): Demonstration of a wireless electric road concept — Abstract & Presentation

Krüger (Ministerium für Verkehr Baden-Württemberg): eWayBW – pilot project with a catenary-based electric road system — Abstract & Presentation

Rudgartser (Hessen Mobil Road- and Traffic Management): Experiences with planning and construction of the ELISA pilot site / eHighway Hessen — Abstract & Presentation

Rigoni (Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde): eHighway Pilot Project on A35 Brebemi (Italy) — Abstract & Presentation

Business models / framework conditions

Bernecker (Hochschule Heilbronn): The market dilemma – Implications of an introduction of Electric Road Systems on markets and possible business models — Abstract & Presentation

Hasselgren (Swedish Transport Administration): Business models for ERS-systems – a system with many stakeholders — Abstract & Presentation

Tongur (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden): Defining ERSO: The Electric Road System Operator — Abstract & Presentation

Hartwig (IKEM – Institut für Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilität): Regulative framework for overhead contact lines for trucks on motorways – The AMELIE project aiming at a European approach of financing and billing for ERS — Abstract & Presentation

Gustavsson (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden): Revenue Management for Electric Road Systems — Abstract & Presentation

Techno-economic analysis

Rolko (Technische Universität Darmstadt): Coaches as a part of the eHighway system: — A feasibility study — Abstract & Presentation

Speth (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI): A techno-economic comparison of battery swap and electric road systems for heavy road transport. A German case study — Abstract & Presentation

Alaküla (Lund University): A Hybrid ERS Cost Perspective — Abstract & Presentation

Gidofalvi (KTH Royal Institute of Technology): Delivery Route Based ERS Network Optimization — Abstract & Presentation

Simulations along test tracks

Honeth (KTH Royal Institute of Technology): Efficiency of AC conductive eRoad charging system – Analysis of experimental data — Abstract & Presentation

Tajima (Honda R&D): Study of 450-kW Conductive ERS at 150km/h — Abstract & Presentation

Nordin (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute VTI): Changes to Road Maintenance and Operations on Electric Roads — Abstract & Presentation

Márquez-Fernández (Lund University): Electric safety assessment in conductive ERS: — grounded vs. ungrounded systems — Abstract & Presentation

New technologies beyond traditional ERS, OEM strategies

Danilovic (Halmstad University, Sweden & Shanghai Dianji University, China): The Status of Electric Roads in China — Abstract & Presentation

Sue (Volkswagen): The Catenary ERS from the Truck Perspective — Abstract & Presentation

Zethraeus (Elonroad): Elonroad — Abstract & Presentation

Sundelin (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden): Architectural description of ERS: — Analyzing implications of short and long electric road segments — Abstract & Presentation

Large-scale implementation

Blanck (Öko-Institut): Modelling market uptake of ERS in Germany — Abstract & Presentation

Allekotte (ifeu – Institut for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg): ERS – optimising a rollout Scenario for Germany — Abstract & Presentation

Mottschall (Öko-Institut): Costs of the energy supply infrastructure for trucks with alternative driving system from a user and macroeconomic perspective in Germany — Abstract & Presentation

Gnann (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI): Market potential of catenary hybrid electric trucks in different world regions — Abstract & Presentation

Poster Session

Pavand (Dynamic Charging Platoon Technology): EVs Dynamic Charging Platoon Technology — Abstract & Poster

Linné (VTI, Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut): Standardisation of Electric Road Systems – An Inventory of Standards for Vehicles, Electric Power Supply, and Infrastructure — Abstract & Poster

Wauri (Technische Universität Darmstadt): ELISA – Initial Analyses of Impacts of the eHighway System on Traffic Flow — Abstract & Poster

Algret (Algret Innovations): A Unique ERS Technology for Urban Use – Conduit Current Collection — Abstract

Ö. Öztürk (Technische Universität Darmstadt): Verification of the ELISA eHighway Evaluation Concept — Abstract & Poster

Giebel (Siemens Mobility): The construction of ELISA eHighway Hesse — Abstract

McGarvey (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute VTI): Increased Road Surface Unevenness after the Installation of an Electric Road System — Abstract & Poster

Wang (KTH Royal Institute of Technology): ERS Stakeholder concerns inspiration — Abstract

Bhatti (Halmstad University): Electric Roads: Energy Supplied by Local Renewable Energy Sources and Microgrid Distribution System — Abstract & Poster

Wottke (Technische Universität Dresden): Public Perception of the eHighway – an Analysis based on online media coverage (extra contribution / not peer-reviewed) — Poster

The organizers would like to thank the members of the Scientific Committee for reviewing submissions and selecting the contributions int the scientific sessions:

Manfred Boltze (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Florian Hacker (Öko-Institut)

Julius Jöhrens (ifeu – Institut for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg)

Magnus Lindgren (Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket )

Arne Nåbo (VTI, Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut)

Arnd Stephan (Technische Universität Dresden)

Håkan Sundelin (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)