While increasing energy efficiency in the transport sector, Electric Road Systems (ERS) is a technology area with the potential to reduce fossil fuel dependency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution as well as reduce noise in urban environments.

We invite researchers, industry actors, policy makers, developers, and transportation professionals to submit proposals for presentations as extended abstracts with a maximum of 1 500 words. Please use the provided template for your abstract and follow the proposed outline (summary, research question, methodology, and results). Please also indicate who will give the oral presentation. Unless authors explicitly disagree, accepted contributions will be accessible via the conference site electricroads.org. (NOTE: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS NOW CLOSED)


The following topics are particularly suitable for the conference:

Technologies and systems

  • Power transfer technologies and applications.
  • ERS and its complementing systems such as vehicles, road infrastructure, ERS-infrastructure (including charging stations), electricity grid, safety equipment, access control, and revenue management.
  • Degree of electrification and combinations with (roadside) charging stations.
  • Other possible smart road features besides ERS

Operations and maintenance

  • Operations and maintenance of an ERS and its complementing systems.
  • Impact on existing operations and management, such as road maintenance and traffic management.
  • The possible role as operator of ERS-systems, such as organisation, financing and roles.

Transportation network

  • Regional case studies.
  • Suitable network of transport corridors.
  • Expansion strategies beyond pilots.

Business and economics

  • User and actor perspectives, including incentives for large-scale adoption.
  • Capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX) for different actors and perspectives.
  • Revenues and costs for different actors in an ERS business ecosystem.
  • Life cycle costs.

Societal readiness

  • Impact on the society, people, environment, and landscape.
  • Regulations.

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