ERSC2020 in May 2020 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Update 2020-03-18:

We regret to inform you that the ERSC2020 on 12-13 May 2020 has been canceled, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This very difficult decision has been taken after much deliberation and consideration.

The organizers are currently focusing on the immediate actions required due to the cancellation of the event, together with considerations on how the objectives of the conference could otherwise be realized. The organizers will be in contact with all participants in the near future.

We regret the disadvantage that this may cause participants, speakers, and exhibitors.

Best regards,
The ERSC2020 organizing committee

Where is Lund and how do I travel?

Please visit the page Visit Lund for more information.

Which technologies will be demonstrated and part of the technology exhibition?

The project EVolution Road works with deployment of the Elonroad technology along a kilometer-long stretch of an urban road in the city of Lund. The opening of the demonstration facility will coincide with ERSC2020.

ERS developers are welcome to be part of the technology exhibition.

What is meant by “smart road features”?

Smart road features, as part of the topic ”Technology and system”, could include any of the following points:

  • Are there possible synergies between electric roads and connected road infrastructure?
  • What are the benefits for developing ERS and connected roads on the same stretches?
  • Can electric roads technology be used to help navigation for AV-technology? Can ERS-technology enable platooning to increase road capacity? Can vehicles without the ERS-technique communicate with the ERS-techniques (rails and plates)? Is there a business case for developing Automated Vehicles (AV) based on smart roads?
  • Are there different advantages with the different ERS-techniques to support this navigation? What would be the extra cost for developing the different techniques for this purpose (can it even be done with marginally increased costs)?
  • What stage of technology readiness has the development with smart and connected ERS reached? Thus, how easy can we add-on services to the ERS-techniques such as positioning, access control, etc.

Where do I turn if I have additional questions?

Contact the organizing committee directly at