What is meant by “smart road features”?

Smart road features, as part of the topic ”Technology and system”, could include any of the following points:

  • Are there possible synergies between electric roads and connected road infrastructure?
  • What are the benefits for developing ERS and connected roads on the same stretches?
  • Can electric roads technology be used to help navigation for AV-technology? Can ERS-technology enable platooning to increase road capacity? Can vehicles without the ERS-technique communicate with the ERS-techniques (rails and plates)? Is there a business case for developing Automated Vehicles (AV) based on smart roads?
  • Are there different advantages with the different ERS-techniques to support this navigation? What would be the extra cost for developing the different techniques for this purpose (can it even be done with marginally increased costs)?
  • What stage of technology readiness has the development with smart and connected ERS reached? Thus, how easy can we add-on services to the ERS-techniques such as positioning, access control, etc.

Where do I turn if I have additional questions?

Contact the organizing committee directly at info@electricroads.org