Research & Innovation Platform for Electric Roads

The work of the project “Research & Innovation Platform for Electric Roads” is intended to create clarity concerning the power grid requirements, maintenance needs, socioeconomic conditions and other effects associated with electric roads. We will investigate the benefits from the perspectives of various actors, implementation strategies, operation and maintenance standards, proposed regulatory systems, and factors conducive of the acceptance and development of international collaborative activities.

The project commenced in September the autumn of 2016 and will continue until December 2019. The results are published through information meetings, seminars, and the annual international conference. Reports will be published in the participating partners’ ordinary publication series and on The project is financed by Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI) and Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration.

For more information about the project, see the pages on Work Packages, Partners, and the Reference Group.

One outcome from the project is an electric road systems architecture that was published in May 2018.