Work Packages within Research & Innovation Platform for Electric Roads

1. Power supply

Evaluating how electric roads influence and interact with the power supply system in terms of the use and distribution of electricity; assessing the climate benefits of different types of electrification

Responsible: Filip Johnsson, Chalmers

2. Environmental impact

Reviewing possible environmental effects of the introduction of electric roads, in terms of both traffic management and the management of surrounding infrastructure, for example, relating to air quality and noise.

Responsible: Lina Nordin, VTI

3. Construction, operations, and maintenance

Reviewing changed construction and maintenance requirements compared with ordinary roads, for example, regarding the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of road maintenance in winter.

Responsible: Lina Nordin, VTI

4. Socioeconomic impact

Identifying information required by public authorities and political decision makers when deciding on the construction of electric roads; reviewing previous experience and socioeconomic benefits.

Responsible: Martin Gustavsson, RISE

5. Finance and strategy

Compiling case scenarios for suitable stretches of electric road; evaluating possible business ecosystems based on different models of financing, ownership, and implementation.

Responsible: Darijan Jelica, RISE

6. Business impact

Defining and analysing possible business ecosystems and evaluating their economic impact on individual actors in such systems.

Responsible: Darijan Jelica, RISE

7. Business models and payment systems

Collaborating with regional authorities to discuss and encourage the creation of consortia for suitable stretches of electric road; dialogue with the haulage and electricity industries regarding their view of electric roads.

Responsible: Darijan Jelica, RISE

8. Laws, regulatory system, and standardization

Contributing knowledge that might influence the legislative content in terms of the development, creation, design, function, and administration of electric roads.

Responsible: Mohammed Hoseini, VTI

9. Coordination and communication

Coordinating communication, organizing information meetings and conferences.

Responsible: Magnus Lindgren, Swedish Transport Administration